The Second Gin Family World Conference (甄氏第二屆懇親大會) was held at Kaiping in November 2008. This Conference coincided with the Grand Opening of the Gin Sun Hall Memorial Hall (甄舜河紀念堂).  The following montage tells the story of the Grand Opening attended by no less than 800 Gin Family members and their friends from all over the world.


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The New Memorial Hall before the formal opening

Hal Gin at the Memorial Hall

Gin Sun Hall Main Alter

View of The Great Hall

Left Pillers with mottos and teachings

Right pillers with mottos and teachings

Ornate roof viewed from the front

View of the roof from the Main Hall court yard

Ornate roof viewed from the inner court yard

All gathered at the Memorial Hall ready for the opening

Tim Ginn and Mother at the opening

Kingman Zhen and wife at the celebration

The Sek Hoi Primary School Band

Bill Yan (NY), Jimmy Gin (LA), Hal Gin (SF) ready to cut ribbon

Hal Gin at the Ribbon Cutting ceremony

Jimmy Gin representing LA, ready to cut ribbon

School band ready to play

Fire crakers to start the celebration

Very happy occasion, noisy and full of smoke

Hal Gin at the top table

Victor Gin filming the grand proceeding

Officials at the Opening

Kingman Zhen & wife at the Memorial Hall opening

Grand procession of the joss stick

Hal Gin representing San Francisco and his family

Hal Gin in procession carrying joss stick to the main alter

Jimmy Gin, LA Gin Family Association carrying joss stick

San Francisco Elders in procession

Village Lion bands in celebration

The Sek Hoi Village band

Lion on the march after the opening ceremony

Care taker taking a well earned rest

Jimmy Gin Paying respect to his ancestors

Mun Chin Paying respect to his ancestors

A quiet moment of prayer


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