In Issue 46 {December 2007} of the "Sun He News" also known as "Sun Hall News", 舜河僑刊(46期)the following pictures clearly show great progress being made to complete the Memorial Hall.  

In Issue 47 {April 2008}, 舜河僑刊(47期)Page 4, an Announcement was made regarding the Memorial Hall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the Second Gin Clan Conference, to be held at Kaiping. 

This will be an interesting and perhaps emotional event for many offspring of Gin Sun Hall, to see the completion of a Memorial Hall -- a symbolic place of belonging, a place of veneration of our proud heritage.


North West View

Memorial Hall Rear View


Memorial Hall: Roof Top View


Memorial Hall: South East View


Memorial Hall West View

By early winter of 2007, the construction of the Memorial Hall was virtually at a near-completion stage. 


Front Door View