The David and King Yan Branch of San Francisco.

The Branch of: 甄景堯, 甄景裕

Ancestral Home: 石海鄉, 毓秀里

甄 Generation Recorded Number of siblings House number 廣東 石海甄氏家譜 (卷二第三分册) Page Generation Name 简体 简体 繁體 繁體 Cantonese 1 Cantonese 2 English Def. Word 1 English Def. Word 2
1 1 1 30 舜 河 舜 河 seun3 ho4 legendary ruler river; stream; yellow river
2 1 1 30 世 茂 世 茂 sai3 mau6 generation; world; era thick, lush, dense; talented
3 2 1 30 德 固 德 固 dak1 gu3 ethics, morality, virtue become solid, solidify; strength
4 2 2 30 仕 达 仕 達 si6 daat4 official; serve government arrive at, reach; intelligent; smooth, slippery
5 3 1 30 连 山 連 山 lin4 saan1 join, connect; continuous; even mountain, hill, peak
6 4 1 30/32 昆 祥 昆 祥 gwan1 yeung4 elder brother; descendants good luck, good omen; happiness
7 1 1 32 克 恭 剋 恭 hak1 gung1 gram; overcome; transliteration respectful, polite, reverent
8 1 1 32 积 善 積 善 ji sin6 accumulate, store up, amass good, virtuous, charitable, kind
9 4 1 32 忠 豫 忠 豫 jung1 yu6 loyalty, devotion, fidelity relaxed, comfortable, at ease
10 3 1 32/34 景

ging2 seng1 scenery, view; conditions a star, planet; any point of light
11 34 松 轩 松 軒 chung4 hin1 pine tree; fir tree carriage; high; wide; balcony; surname of the Yellow Emperor
12 34 子 周 子 周 zi2 jau1 offspring, child; fruit, seed of; 1st terrestrial branch Zhou dynasty; circumference
13 34 琦 徳 琦 徳 kei4 dak1 gem, precious stone, jade ethics, morality, virtue
14 34/107 汝 渭 汝 渭 yu5 wai6 you name of a river in Shanxi
15 107 可 绎 可 繹 hak1 ho2 yi6 may, can, -able; possibly to unravel or unreel silk; to interpret
16 107 绍 性 紹 性 siu6 sing3 continue, carry on; hand down; to join nature, character
17 107 友 勲 友 勲 yau5 si6 friend, companion; fraternity meritorious deed; merits; rank